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Published: 28th April 2010
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Are you looking for a free version of FAP Turbo on Rapidshare to download? I know many of my friends who have tried this and from the feedback that I have received; my advice would be to not use this at all costs. Why? I hear you ask. Well, apart from the obvious legal reasons, I have found that the creators WILL catch you out if they spot multiple copies of licenses running on trading platforms. The effects are not obvious at first but you will find that FAP Turbo starts to behave erratically and will cause you to lose ALL your money. I hear that this done by a script that is released and changes settings. It is still not clear if the person who uploaded it (i.e. person who purchased it legally and then decided to share it) will get affected as well. In any case, my advice would be to stay away from downloading FAP Turbo from Rapidshare or any file sharing method for that matter and also please do not upload this. Let's set the record straight here, I am not one of the creators of FAP Turbo nor am an authority against sharing files illegally. I am here to present to you another viable option that although not free initially is a 60 day risk free trial or Clickbank will personally guarantee you your money back.

This is the best thing to do in my honest opinion, as you will be able to

1. Buy FAP Turbo legally (You will receive $45 Cashback after your trial period has ended and you are satisfied with FAP Turbo)

2. Clickbank which is an authority site on the internet will guarantee your money for 60 days (just Google them up, they are the real deal)

3. In the long run, this is FREE!!!

4. If you buy through the above link, I will do my utmost to make sure that you have a very pleasant experience with FAP Turbo and I will be in touch with you through e-mail to give you the very best settings that I use to make money consistently on the Foreign Exchange market.

I think those four reasons alone are better than downloading FAP Turbo from Rapidshare and the best thing is that your legal copy of FAP Turbo will make you money consistently. If you still have doubts about FAP Turbo, visit Is FAP Turbo A Scam?

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